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Are They Good Or Not ?

Many times I have boats brought to my shop and the boat owner say's "This gauge does'nt work or this pump does'nt" and the first thing I ask "did you check the fuse?" and of course the answere is alway's yes. I have learned to go ahead and check the fuse anyway, and many times discover that the
fuse is bad or corrosion has formed and is no longer making contact.

How can you tell if a fuse is good. By looking at the filiment and seeing if it is burnt, maby.
Let me give you some ideas and things to do before you bring your boat to me.
Maby I can save you some money.

It pays to have a fuse tester. They can easily be purchased at WalMart for around 5 bucks and you can test your own fuse. It is a very simple test. After you locate a bad fuse and replace it remember to ask this question. What made the fuse blow to begin with. Many times we can answer the question with "I had grass in my pump or I got water in the panel and it shorted out".
But if you can't answer as to why the fuse blew, you need to start checking and find the reason.

As and example, a bildge pump or an areator pump will sometimes short out due to the lack of use or the shaft will freeze up and the motor will get hot and pop the fuse.
If this is the cause you need to replace the pump.

Let's say that you have checked the fuse and the pump and both are ok yet the pump will not work. What's wrong??? Check the ground!!! Maney times a ground wire will get boken off or the owner put in a new battery and the ground wire didn't get reconnected.

Fuses are very basic items that can cause problems. Remember when replacing a fuse always replace it with what your boat manufactor recommends as to it's amp size.
Don't put a 25 amp fuse in when a 3 amp is reccommended. You can damage your electronics and "NEVER" install an electrical item on your boat and not fuse it.
You are asking for trouble and a fire could result. Use common sense and keep your connections clean. Use the proper size fuse and you will have many hours on the water problem free.

Good Fishing and Remember to put'um back alive!!

Mack "YW" Cramer