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Carpet; In a Boat ?

As many of you know Bass boats are not what they used to be . Time was a boat was made of wood and you may or may not have an outboard engine. If you did it was probably an old air cooled Sears 3 hrp and don't even think trolling motor. But we survived those primitive boats and for the most part probably caught more fish then than we do now. Today's boats are a different breed than 25 years ago.

The boats of today cost as much if not more than what our parents paid for a home that we grew up in. Can you remember the time you said $15,000.00 for a new boat! I'll never pay that.
Well, most of us pay that much and more for a used one. With the high cost of boats both new and used we find ourselves trying to take care of the boats we own. From maintaining good maintenance on our engine to keeping our boat nice and shinny.

Today I want to talk about the carpet in our boats and tips on keeping it looking good.
Boat manufacturers for the most part are putting in good quality carpet in their boats, but I guess they think that all of us who purchase their boats are carpet experts and give us know advice on how to keep our carpets clean and looking new.
The average guy just hoses the carpet down and occasssionally might scrub on it a little but for the most part we don't clean our carpet. It's really easy and doesn't take as much time as one might think. First get you some Simple Green all purpose cleaner and when the wife isn't looking grab some of her fabric softener that she uses. Wet your carpet down good and mix the simple green and fabric softener in a bucket and with a mild scrub brush clean the carpet.
Rinse and allow carpet to dry or wet vac it and then vacuum the carpet while you brush it.
The simple green cleans the carpet and the fabric softener regenerates the carpet to it's original fluffiness. Be careful what you put on the carpet as a cleaner. Remember that the carpet in your boat has a rubber backing and is put down with glue. There are some chemicals that will cause the glue to separate and thus up comes your carper. Taking the time to keep our boats clean and looking good will pay us dividends when we put our boat on the market to sell.

Good Fishing and Remember to put'um back alive!!

Mack "YW" Cramer