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Voltage, It's Important

Well the Christmas season is once again knocking at our doors and before we know it good ole Saint Nick will be sliding down the chimney bringing joy to all the kids and maybe a few of us big kids too.

I had a couple of interesting things happen to me here lately that I would like to share with you. In one of my previous articled we discussed batteries and their maintenance. I was fishing a club tournament at Millers Ferry and on Friday I tried to start my 225 Optimax and the engine just turned and turned an would not start. It acted like the kill switch had been pulled. Well I checked everything I knew to check and still could not get the engine to start. So, I drove back to Pensacola and took my engine to a technician and the process began. He first hooked up the analyzer to determine if something was wrong that would be detected by the computer. Nothing, everything checked out fine except there was no fire to the plugs and this could not be explained. Finally a voltage test was done and it read 13 volts, however when the engine turned over the voltage dropped to 4.5 volts, thus the problem was discovered. The Optimax computer requires a minimum of 9.5 volts to activate and I was only getting 4.5, thus a bad battery. Put in a new one and the sound of a 225 Mercury roaring was soon heard. So remember Optimax owners, the engine my be turning over but check your voltage while it's turning to see that you are getting the required voltage to activate the computer.

Respecting other fishermen's spots on the lake or river.
Fishing is a sport that is fun and sometimes relaxing. Many o us take a lot of time and money learning the waters we fish and finding little spots that we like to fish and return to these areas frequently. There are occasions when we fish a tournaments and we go to these spots and of course your tournament partner now knows where you go to catch your fish . It is sad that many of these partners fail to respect your spot and they return to the area and bring other fisherman with them and of course in a few weeks that area is hammered , do we just grin and bare it ? I don't think so. It is wrong for fisherman to go to other peoples fishing spots. Find your own. Be a courteous person. Who knows someday you may find a secret honey hole and along comes someone to return the favor.

Good Fishing and Remember to put'um back alive!!

Mack "YW" Cramer