2006 Season

Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Bass Club

Novembe 1, 2005

Hawg Hunter

1. The President is responsible for selecting a panel to prepare the Annual Awards Banquet Trophies/Plaques
(for the top 6 fisherman) will be purchased from the club treasury with funds that are reserved for this purpose.
Additional awards/prizes can be obtained through use of the Special Fund.

2. The Special Fund is available at the Boards discretion to provide for the benefit of the club members as a whole. Such uses would include, but not restricted to; flowers; cards; banquet prizes. outings for the families, etc.
Any other use of the Special Fund would be voted on by the club as a whole.

Lifetime Members Award
3. This award can be presented to the club by any member at any tune. To be approved, this nomination must receive a Majority Vote of the members present.
Lifetime Members pay no dues but are members in good standing for life.
They may participate in any club function.

Family Outings
4. Every attempt will he made to have at lease one "Family' outing each year.
Outings are paid for from the Special Fund

5. Each member is expected to obtain and wear a club shirt/hat New members should order these from the secretary immediately after being granted membership

No Shows
6. Should a member or potential member elect to fish in a club tournament as a none boater and pays the required fees, it is expected that that member will fish and pay 1/2 of the boaters expenses for such things as gas for both the boat and truck, oil and motel room if necessary. If the non-boating member cannot fish and contacts his boating partner prior to 09:00 PM on Thursday and a compromise between the boater and non-boater cannot he reached, the E-Board will meet and decide on a settlement based on the circumstances. After 09:00 PM on Thursday, the non-boater is committed to fish and pay 1/2 of the boaters expenses as described above,

Constitutional Changes
7. All changes to the constitution should he given to a member of the Board in WRITING prior to the September meeting. When making a recommendation for change to the current constitution, please list the Old reading of any change as well as the NEW reading. If the recommended change is an ADDITION to the constitution,
please indicate which section of the current constitution will be affected and how.

8. Late for weigh-in
8. Weigh-in is announced by the tournament director prior to the start of each tournament, Any member arriving back at the dock after the official
weigh-in time is automatically disqualified from that days weigh-in.
A participant is considered ON TIME for the weigh-in if he or his boating partner is on the dock and attempting to retrieve the boat for the weigh-in. If the boater is giving assistance to another boater in distress the boater giving assistance will NOT be considered late for the weigh-in.