2007 Season

Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 10
Issue: 9

Angler Of The Year
Brian Metcalf


Message From The President:

First of all, a hearty welcome goes out to our newest Hawg Hunter,
Bill Myrick.
For those present at the July meeting, you are painfully aware that the topic du jour was "Insurance".
Good discussion on a subject that I'm sure none of the original members of the club would have ever thought would be an issue. My thanks to Dave, Frank and Charlie who have been and continue to collect information for us to review and discuss as we proceed on this matter.
If you missed the last meeting, you can expect a friendly phone call from Mr. Cramer before the next meeting. He volunteered (thanks Mac) to attempt to contact those members not at the meeting to ensure they are aware of the new requirement to maintain a minimum of $100K/$300K boat liability insurance before being considered eligible to fish as a boater. All members who want to participate as a boater will need to provide proof (original or copy of your declaration sheet or other documents that show coverage) before or at the next club meeting on 15Aug07.
Another topic that has been discussed is that of incorporating the club as a not for profit organization. Ron has provided me some documents and information that I will be reviewing and reporting on at the next meeting. Man, what ever happened to the days when all you had to worry about when you wanted to go fishin' was whether they were going to bite.
As the outgoing President, I've got the honor of coordinating the Annual Awards Banquet. I'll use this forum to put out an idea for your thought.
I think most everyone would agree that we typically hold our banquet way too long after the end of the fishing year. Recent banquets have been held as late as February the following year. My thought is to hold the banquet in conjunction with our November meeting. We would have it at Founaris Brothers restaurant.
We already have the banquet room and I'm sure I could work out something with Steve. After the banquet and awards presentation, the wives, and/or significant other, would be invited to stick around for the meeting and tournament pairings. November is usually a quiet month with not much (if anything) to discuss. What ya think????
Well, guess I've taken enough of your time. Until next we meet again,


Minutes of the Meeting:

The July Pensacola Hawg Hunters meeting was brought to order at 7:00 P.M. on July 18, 2007 at Founaris Brothers Restaurant. President Kevin Simmons presided. There were 18 members present.
Old Buisness:

Kevin discussed getting or making a Lifetime Membership certificate for Pete Potter, Ken has one and will bring it to the next meeting.

New Buisness:

Bill Myrick was voted in as the newest member to Hawg Hunters. Congratulations Bill and Welcome.
There was a motion for an emergency vote for a change to the constitution concerning the minimum required amount of insurance boat owners should have on their boat in order to be a boater in the club. The E - board decided this did not constitute an emergency.
A motion was made for an SOP: All members desiring to use their boats in Hawg Hunter Club tournaments must carry a minimum of 100/300 ($ 100K per person/ $300K total combined). Boater members have until the August club meeting, August 15, 2007 to provide a copy of their insurance declaration page (deck page) to Mack Cramer; either hard copy or electronically via email. Failure to do so by August 15th will result in the member not being able to fish as a boater until the appropriate "deck" page is provided.
Dave and Charlie will continue to investigate umbrella policy for the members and the club. Ron's insurance company indicated they may be able to write an umbrella policy for the club but would require copies of the club constitution and by-laws. His wife has
also researched a not for profit corporation and it doesn't appear to be too difficult or too expensive.

"Good of the Order"
If you fish as a non-boater don't forget to bring fishing tackle, rain suit, plenty of water on hot days, sun screen and oh MONEY to pay your half…just a friendly reminder.
I enjoy fishing in other folks boats and consider it a privilege.
I would like to continue to do so.
So as a non-boater I say,
be respectful of other folk's equipment, have fun, and make sure you cover at least half the expenses.

July Tournament:

What needs to be said? Really…it is Escambia River in the summer time.
I actually like to fish here and usually do okay but this day it was tough to land a keeper. The weather was pleasant enough; it was almost cool when the day started. It did warm up later on but not too miserable. There seemed to be a few fish caught but only half of our fishermen were able to find a keeper.

1st Place
Tony Boyett

Congratulations to Tony Boyett for sweeping the tournament, a nice lunker; 2.66 lbs and a good stringer of 4 fish - 5.38 lbs and

2nd Place
John Buck

John Buck is probably still scratching his head wondering how he came in second place with only 2 little fish of 1.89 lbs but anyone will tell you in a heartbeat that those little fish can grow real big in a hurry after a hot day in July on the Escambia.

3rd Place
Mack Cramer
Look at that poor little thang Mack Cramer is holding in his hand.
Never the less it was good enough for third place and it even put him one point above Jim Sr. as they both make the run for Pete's Golden Parashute and stardom in 1st place.

4th Place
Bill Myrick

Congratulations also go to our newest member Bill Myrick for placing
4th in his first tournament with the Hawg Hunters.
It was a good point's day for those that were able to bring a keeper to the scales. It was great to see Pete fishing with us…too bad he had to drive all the way from Clanton, Alabama to not catch a fish (sorry Pete). This bit of misfortune let Lee squeak by him for the points lead but I don't think Pete is done yet.
Three more tournaments to go.

A Little Salt:

When is that "something wonderful" going to happen? I did what you told me...
I sent the email to 10 people like you said.
I'm still waiting for that miracle!

The Four Stages Of Life!!

"Wake Up...The Cat Has Your Teeth Again"

Tournament Standings:

Escambia River
Smith's Landing

1st Tony Boyett 5.38 lbs, 4 fish
2nd John Buck 1.89 lbs, 2 fish
3rd Mack Cramer 1.25 lbs, 1 fish
4th Bill Myrick 1.07 lbs, 1 fish
5th Lee Brannon .98 lbs, 1 fish
5th Jeff Weaver .98 lbs, 1 fish
7th Ron Fairbanks .93 lbs, 1 fish
8th Jim Bailey Sr. .86 lbs, 1 fish

Also Fished:

Marc Churchwell - Dave Dyess
Dwayne Kimbro - Jere Jaillite
Frank Kelly - Ken Repine
Kevin Simmons - Pete Potter

For The Record:

Escambia River
Smith's Landing

Total Fish Caught 12
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 13.34
Total Limits 0
Tournament Big Fish 2.66
(Tony Boyett)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 292
Total Dead Fish 10
Total Fish Weight 401.51
Total Limits 23
Tournament Big Fish 4.28
(Mack Cramer)

Members Eligible For Fish Off:
As Of: 7/21/07
Jim Bailey Sr - Lee Brannon
John Buck - Marc Churchwell
Mack Cramer - Dave Dyess
Jere Jaillite - Frank Kelly
Dewayne Kimbro - Pete Potter
Ken Repine _ Ron Fairbanks
Kevin Simmons

Members Eligible To Vote
2008 Constitution:

As Of: 7/21/07
Jim Bailey Sr - Lee Brannon
John Buck - Marc Churchwell
Mack Cramer - Dave Dyess
Jere Jaillite - Frank Kelly
Dewayne Kimbro - Pete Potter
Ken Repine

August Meeting:

Location: Fournaris Bros.
Date August 15, 2007
Time: 7:00 p.m.

August Tournament:

August 18, 2007

Tournament Site:

Tensaw River
Upper Bryant Landing

Tide Predictions:

High Tide: 6:21 am
Low Tide: 3:37 pm

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: August 28th
Sunrise: 6:16 am
Sunset: 7:28 pm

The Slammer Award:

"Slammer Nominations"

Jeff Weaver
"Remember The Life Jacket"

Remember Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

Members Of The Board:

Kevin Simmons

Vice President/Treasure

Tony Boyett


Marc Churchwell

Tournament Director

Lee Brannon

Asst. Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

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Any questions should be addressed to Marc Churchwell
or Jim Bailey Sr.