2007 Season
Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 10
Issue: 1

Angler Of The Year
Brian Metcalf

Minutes of the Meeting:

The November 2006 Pensacola Hawg Hunters meeting was brought ot order at 7:00 P.M.
on November 15, 2006 at
Founaris Brothers Restaurant.
President Kevin Simmons presided.
There were 17 members and
1 guest Glenn Kittrell present.

Members Of The Board:

Kevin Simmons

Vice President/Treasure

Tony Boyett


Marc Churchwell

Tournament Director

Lee Brannon

Asst. Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

Old Buisness:

The new E-board members were confirmed as listed above.
Procedures for protests was brought up as a point of discussion, the E-board agreed to provide a standard procedure for filing protests.
Proposed rules were voted on and are accessible via the website link and will be annotated by the year they were amended/added. The club is now functioning under these new changes. Lifetime membership was put back into the constitution by unanimous vote.
E-board will provide the S.O.P. for hat/shirt points.
Everyone agreed to assist Kevin if he called on them to assist with club functions. Proposals for the 2007 fishing schedule was solicited.

New Buisness:

The official 2007 fishing schedule is set by the E-board and changes will only be made in the event of emergencies such as schedule boat ramp closings.

A reminder for the next meeting is being held on the 2nd Wednesday (Dec. 13th) and the tournament is on December 16, 2006, on Tensaw River, launching from Mizzels (formerly called).

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November Tournament:

The beginning of the 2007 season was held at Fish River, launching from the Hwy 98 landing. The weather was cold (37°) and the water felt colder (just as Marc). The convoy left Food Tiger at 4 AM and arrived at the landing about 5:15. Sure enough we beat all of the Red fish fisherman so parking was not a problem… Everyone got launched without incident and we shared lies waiting for safe daylight. "Safe" daylight was a little tricky because the fog was so thick you could slice it with a knife. I expect It was one of the slowest races to the fishing holes in club history. Most were doing a wide open idle sprint. Marc and Pete edged Lee and Dwayne out for their creek thanks to the long snout on Pete's pretty Bass Cat. (Is there a man law about calling a bass boat pretty?) It took a couple of hours for the fog to burn off and the temperature to get up to a reasonable fishing temperature. All in all it wasn't too bad a day for fishing. There were 29 fish caught and all 37.85 pounds of them were released alive.
Dan Nash's experience here paid off with a first place finish with 3 fish weighing in just under 5 lbs and he provided pretty good guide service for his partner Dave Dyess who took 3rd with 4 fish. Dan nosed out John Buck by .07 lbs who took 2nd with 4 fish weighing in at 4.80 lbs. 4th place went to Mr. Jaillite in his "pretty" blue Stratos with 3 fish weighing in at 4.29 lbs.
Lee Brannon only brought in one fish but it was the one with the dollar signs all over it because it was the big fish of the day.
Good Job to everyone for staying safe and keeping those fish alive.

Tournament Winner
Dan Nash

Big Fish Winner
Lee Brannon

Tournament Standings:

Fish River
Fish Weight:

1st Dan Nash - 3 fish - 4.87 lbs
2nd John Buck - 4 fish - 4.80 lbs
3rd Dave Dyess - 4 fish - 4.49 lbs
4th Jere Jaillite - 3 fish - 4.29 lbs
5th Jim Bailey Sr - 3 fish - 3.51 lbs
6th John Gasparak - 3 fish - 3.39 lbs
7th Lee Brannon - 1 fish - 2.89 lbs
8th Kevin Simmons - 2 fish - 2.83 lbs
9th Pete Potter - 2 fish - 2.24 lbs
10th Marc Churchwell -1 fish-1.13 lb
11th Ron Fairbanks - 1 fish - .98 lbs
12th Mack Cramer - 1 fish - .97 lbs
13th Frank Kelly - 1 fish - .98 lbs

Also Fished
Ken Repine, Dwayne Kimbro
Glenn Kittrell

For The Record:

Fish River
Hwy 98 Landing

Total Fish Caught 29
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 37.85
Total Limits 0
Tournament Big Fish 2.89
(Lee Brannon)

For The Year:

Total Fish Caught 29
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 37.85
Total Limits 0
Tournament Big Fish 2.89
(Lee Brannon)

December Meeting:

Location: Fournaris Bros.
Date: December 13th, 2006
Time: 7:00 p.m.

December Tournament

December 16, 2006

Tournament Site:

Tensaw River

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: December 4th


Sunrise: 6:39 a.m.

Tide Predictions:

Low Tide: 10:37 am
High Tide: 10:42 pm

Remember Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

Any questions should be addressed to Marc Churchwell
or Jim Bailey, Sr.

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