2007 Season

Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 10
Issue: 11

Angler Of The Year
Brian Metcalf


Message From The President:

A hardy "Welcome" to the newest Hawg Hunter, Shane Miller. Actually, it's more of a welcome back. Many of you may remember that Shane was a member a few years back. We are just such a lovable bunch that he just couldn't stay away. I here tell that Jim Bailey, Jr. is also planning a return. Only time will tell.
The proposed changes to the club constitution, by-laws, and tournament and fish-off rules should be posted. Thanks Jim and Marc for putting them together. We had some good discussion at the meeting. Some of proposals are very similar to one another, with only slight differences that can make for large changes, so I highly recommend that everyone take the time to closely study each one. This request goes out especially those who are eligible to vote. Speaking of those eligible to vote; I believe the newsletter has the list. If you don't think it correct, let Marc know.
He has been keeping track of those that have fished the required number of tournaments. Remember, only clarification of the proposal is allowed at the October meeting.
A special thanks to John Buck, Jere Jaillite, Marc Churchwell, Dave Dyess and Jim Bailey, Sr. for accepting nomination as E-board members.
The nominations are not closed, so if anyone else is interested in throwing your hat in the ring, please let me know or have someone nominate you at the October meeting. Voting will take place at the October meeting after nominations are closed.
The Fish-off promises to be more exciting than usual this year. Not only is the payout pretty good, but for the first time in a long time, the fight for the "Top 6" has really heated up. Some spots are already locked, but I know for sure 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are really tight. Pete, Mack, John and Lee are battling it out. A good showing at Lay Lake is a must to lock up a position.
Speaking of the October tournament, Pete Potter has again offered up room at his home for one boater and his partner. The room will be raffled off at the October meeting, so bring some extra $$$ if you want to get in the draw. If you are lucky, Vi may fix you her very delicious peach cobbler. I can tell you for a fact it is MMMMMM Good!!!!
Pete also is making his home available for a cookout on Saturday night. Let me or one of the E-board know whether you prefer grilling steaks or having a fish fry. Thanks again Pete.
It's not too late to get in on the First Annual Gantt Lake one day fishing tournament. The tournament is Oct 6, from safe light to 3pm. Free rooms are still available. Neil Springstead in sponsoring the event and will provide a free fish fry on Friday night and free lunch on Saturday. 100% payout of entry fees (1st 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%). There will also be other prizes given away. Entry fees are currently $15 but increase to $20 after 1 Oct. Optional Big Fish side pot is $5. Let me or Neil know if you plan on fishing as soon as possible.
There is an open seat for two non-boaters. So any Hawg Hunter can participate.
Until next time,
be good to one another.


Minutes of the Meeting:

The September Pensacola Hawg Hunters meeting was brought to order at 6:30P.M. on September 19, 2007 at Founaris Brothers Restaurant. President Kevin Simmons presided. There were 19 members present.

Old Buisness:

Discussion of amount of special fund to be spent on expenses for awards banquet.
Mack discussed the BASS website regarding information about insurance but indicated some of the terminology is confusing.
Pete Potter was presented with his Lifetime Membership certificate (framed).

New Buisness:

Congratulations to our newest member: Shane Miller - he was voted in with a unanimous approval vote.

Nominations for E-board:
John Buck - President
Jere Jaillite - Vice President/Treasurer
Dave Dyess- Tournament Director
Jim Bailey Sr. - Asst Tourn Director
Marc Churchwell - Secretary
This year's award's banquet initial planning has it on November 30th at Cock of the Walk.
Jim Bailey Sr. discussed his "hat proposal" Teal colored hats going back to the Wally era. Teal hats went away because the supplier stopped selling them. His point is there really is not a "club hat." A teal colored hat makes it easy to spot a fellow Hawg Hunter on the river (at least 1 mile away). Jim Bailey Sr. has purchased enough hats to give everyone one.
By buying 36 the price each is $7.31. Much cheaper than our most recent hat of $18 each. He asked to be reimbursed the $35 setup fee if his proposal passes to use these hats as the official club hat.

John Buck remarked that it appears to be a good quality hat by the stitching in the bill. A motion was made and seconded to reimburse Jim the setup fee if his proposal was passed at next month's vote.
Kevin has entry forms for Neil Springstead's tournament next month.
There was much discussion concerning the new proposals to the constitution. These proposals will be posted separately for all to read and be ready to vote on next month.

September Tournament:

After the club meeting there was a lot of reminders to bring rain suits because with Tropical Depression 10 sort of headed our way it looked like a good chance we were going to wet during the tournament. But it did not turn out to be so…TD # 10 sort of fizzled out and the impact on the fishing weekend was minimal.
There were over 71 keepers in the live wells weighing in at 109 pounds. The boo-ray pot was threatened but is still safe. It is hard to say which day was the best between the two, some found fish on the first day and some on the second but overall the best fish was caught on the second day.

1st Place
Mack Cramer

The first day was tough on Mack but he came back strong with a heavy stringer of just under 14 lbs to add up to a good two day catch and win the tournament along with the big fish.

2nd Place
Dan Nash

Dan Nash also made a strong come back on day 2 with another good bag of fish weighing in at 8.70 lbs, enough to cash in on 2nd place.

3rd Place
Lee Brannon

3rd place went to Lee Brannon along with the lunker on Saturday.

4th Place
Jeff Weaver

Two months in a row now Jeff Weaver has finished in the money, his heavy bag of fish on Saturday along with the 2 good fish he picked up on Sunday was just enough to squeak past Jere for 4th place.
For not having fished at Cooter's Pond in some time, overall the club did a pretty good job of finding fish.
Next month is the fish off - up in Pete's new neck of the woods at Lay Lake, that should be a good finish to a good year.

Everyone please read through the constitution proposals again and be ready with your vote so that our October meeting won't drag out too late. Remember only points of clarification questions are allowed, the discussion is over.
Let's get the voting over with and get back to just fishin'

Tournament Standings:

Alabama River
Cooter's Pond

1st Mack Cramer 17.32 lbs, 7 fish
2nd Dan Nash 12.15 lbs, 7 fish
3rd Lee Brannon 11.13 lbs, 6 fish
4th Jeff Weaver 10.85 lbs, 7 fish
5th Jere Jaillite 10.67 lbs, 7 fish
6th Pete Potter 9.64 lbs, 8 fish
7th John Buck 9.37 lbs, 7 fish
8th Kevin Simmons 9.04 lbs, 7 fish
9th Marc Churchwell 5.00 lbs, 5 fish
10th Dewayne Kimbro 4.80 lbs, 3 fish
11th Jim Bailey, Sr. 3.49 lbs, 3 fish
12th Ron Fairbanks 2.94 lbs, 2 fish
13th Ken Repine 2.60 lbs, 2 fish

Also Fished:

Glenn Kittrell
Dave Dyess "DNF"

For The Record:

Alabama River
Cooter's Pond

Total Fish Caught 71
Total Dead Fish 4
Total Fish Weight 109lbs
Total Limits 5
Tournament Big Fish 4.68
(Mack Cramer)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 377
Total Dead Fish 15
Total Fish Weight 528.46
Total Limits 28
Tournament Big Fish 4.68
(Mack Cramer)

Members Eligible For Fish Off:
As Of: 9/22/07
Jim Bailey Sr - Lee Brannon
John Buck - Marc Churchwell
Mack Cramer - Dave Dyess
Jere Jaillite - Frank Kelly
Dewayne Kimbro - Pete Potter
Ken Repine _ Ron Fairbanks
Kevin Simmons - Glenn Kittrell
Jeff Weaver

Members Eligible To Vote
2008 Constitution:

As Of: 9/22/07
Jim Bailey Sr - Lee Brannon
John Buck - Marc Churchwell
Mack Cramer - Dave Dyess
Jere Jaillite - Frank Kelly
Dewayne Kimbro - Pete Potter
Ken Repine- Glenn Kittrell
Kevin Simmons - Ron Fairbanks
Jeff Weaver

2008 Proposed Rule Changes:

Hawg Hunter Rule Changes

Click here

October Meeting:

Location: Fournaris Bros.
Date October 17, 2007
Time: 7:00 p.m.

October Tournament:

October 20-21, 2007

Tournament Site:

Lay Lake
Lower Dam

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: October 26th
Sunrise: 6:37 am

The Slammer Award:

"Slammer Nominations"

Jeff Weaver
"Remember The Life Jacket"
Jim Bailey Sr

"The Rod & Reel Thing"

Remember Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

Members Of The Board:

Kevin Simmons

Vice President/Treasure

Tony Boyett


Marc Churchwell

Tournament Director

Lee Brannon

Asst. Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

Any questions should be addressed to Marc Churchwell
or Jim Bailey Sr.