2009 Season
Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Bass Club
Founded In 1975


The Pensacola Hawg Hunters Bass Club was formed in 1975. The original members were
fishermen who wanted to have a group that specialized in fishing for lunker bass.

Hence the name "Hawg Hunters". The Hawg Hunters started with about 6 members, but
quickly grew to about 16 members. During the 1980's, the membership stayed between
15-20 active members. Today with the popularity of bass fishing, membership is over 26
and growing. As the club grew and matured, many of the original rules changed to fit the
growing needs of the organization.
(Even though seldom used, the "live bait" rule has been kept for tradition.)

Although boat ownership is encouraged, it has never been a requirement for membership.
This has allowed many novice anglers to get involved in fishing, eventually becoming boat
owners as well as excellent fishermen.

While catching fish is a major priority, it is not our only priority as we place much
importance on friendship, camaraderie, and conservation in all of our activities.

We hold meetings the third Wednesday of each month and fish one club tournament each
month. All tournaments are "draw" tournaments. Throughout its 34 years, the Hawg
Hunters have been recognized as excellent fishermen and good sportsmen, and we will
continue to maintain high standards as we continue future growth.