2009 Season

Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 12
Issue: 6

Angler Of The Year
John Buck

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Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson

John Buck
Vice President/Treasure
Jere Jaillite

Jeff Weaver

Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

Asst. Tournament Director
Glenn Kittrell

Message From The President:

As we rev up our engines for the summer months we always think about our safety in the heat and staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water. But, what about those fish in the livewell? I've spoken about taking care of them before, but I saw a fellow the other day and he had a good idea. He decided to insulate his livewells. He took a sheet of styrofoam and cut it to the size of the sides of his livewell. He then used contact glue to fix it to the outsides of his livewell and to the inside of the livewell lid. He said it really made a big difference in the water temp in the livewell. This seems to make a lot of sense to me. In the hot months, keeping the water cool is a must as well as constant aeration. If some of you guys have some ideas you'd like to share, send them to me and I will pass them on each month....Hehehe
I'll give you the credit for the ideas!!

Minutes of the Meeting:

The April meeting of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters was brought to order at 7:00 P.M. April 15, 2009 at
Founaris Brothers Restaurant.
President John Buck presided.
There were 18 members present and 1 guest Donnie Lewis.

Old Business:

A head count was taken to see who would be present for the fried chicken dinner planned for Saturday night.

New Business:

Updated telephone lists were handed out. If you did not get one from Jere Jaillite at the meeting ask and he will give you one.
The 50/50 was won by Bob Hanson. March tournament results were given out. Ken Repine gave a report on the history of the Bouree Pot that was just won by Jere Jaillite.
The April tournament pairing draws were done. 8 boats 16 fisherman.

April Tournament:

The Hawg Hunter's made the 200 mile drive to Lake Martin for the April tournament. Some went up to the lake earlier in the week, but everyone was at the Bob White Motel by Friday night. Saturday morning the club assembled on the dock at the Wind Creek Marina for our pre-tournament briefing from the President and acting tournament director John Buck. Everyone was anxious to get going as it had been several years since the club has held a tournament there. Bob Hanson had to leave Friday night to go back because of a family emergency. We missed you Bob. Sorry you didn't get to fish the tournament. At the weigh in for the first day we had a pretty good showing of fish. All who fished had something to show for their efforts. Only four guys had a limit but total number for day one was 48 fish weighing a total of 71.45 pounds. Lee Brannon caught the big fish of the day weighing 4.72 pounds. Day two of the tournament was a bit tougher on the fisherman.
Only three limits Sunday and unfortunately not everyone was able to bring a keeper to the scales. In fact only 39 keeper fish were brought in. Total weight for Sunday was only 39.22 pounds. Dan Nash caught the 2.50 pound lunker.

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April Tournament:

At the weigh in we finally found four winners for this tournament. John kept putting fish on the ruler and calling them short but he just couldn't take up enough slack so he could catch up to get in the money.hehe

1st Place
Lee Brannon

Lee Brannon brought enough dynamite from home to make sure he could pull off a 1st place win in the tournament with 10 fish and 14.80 lbs. He also pulled out a win for the tournament
big fish at 4.72lbs.
Way ta go Lee.

2nd Place
Kevin Simmons

Now Mr Summons was quiet mouthed all weekend about where he was fishing and slid in the back door with a 2nd place win with 10 fish and 14.72 lbs.
He didn't say where he was fishing but I'm sure we all will be checking out Sand Creek a little better next time up.

3rd Place
Jeff Weaver

Since Bob Hanson had to leave and come back home that meant ole
Jeff Weaver had the whole livewell to himself that weekend. Talk was that Jeff had a secreat crank bait onboard and it was good enough to put him in
3rd place with 10 fish and 13.31 lbs.

4th Place
Dan Nash

Now don't let me upset nobody here BUt....all I can say is you need ta bring a big sack lunch ta whoop John Buck outa the back of his boat but it looked as if Dan Nash was hungry this weekend.
Dan caught 6 fish for 9.32 lbs to pull in a 4th place win. Way ta go Dan.
On a lesser note Semi let us know the Bob White Motel would close the end of this month. Guess the economy is starting to hit home everywhere.
Next month we will be fishing a one dayer at Millers Ferry. You can look for John to come back with a vengeance for what Dan done to him on Martin.

Tournament Standings:

Lake Martin
Wind Creek State Park

1st - Lee Brannon - 108 fish - 14.80 lbs
2nd - Kevin Simmons - 10 fish - 14.72 lbs
3rd - Jeff Weaver - 10 fish - 13.31 lbs
4th - Dan Nash - 6 fish - 9.32 lbs
5th - Ron Bridges - 5 fish - 8.62 lbs
6th - Buddy Yates - 8 fish - 8.61 lbs
7th - Don Jahnke - 7 fish - 8.37 lbs
8th - John Buck - 5 fish - 7.16 lbs
9th - Jere Jaillite - 6 fish - 6.34 lbs
10th - Dave Bock - 5 fish - 5.77 lbs
11th - Jim Bailey Sr - 5 fish - 5.13 lbs
12th - Ken Repine - 3 fish - 4.17 lbs
13th - Frank Kelly - 3 fish - 3.05 lbs
14th - Frank Dodge - 1 fish - 1.30 lbs

Paid But Did Not Fish:
Mack Cramer - Billy Myrick
Bob Hanson

For The Record:

Lake Martin
Wind Creek State Park

Total Number Fished Tournament 18
Total Fish Caught 84
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 7
Total Fish Weight 110.67
Big Fish 4.72
(Lee Brannon)

For the Year:

Total Number Fished For Year 102
Total Fish Caught 251

Total Dead Fish 2
Total Limits 16

Total Fish Weight 371.27
Big Fish 6.98
(Jere Jaillite)

Trash Pickup For Year

1.03 lbs

Members Eligible To Fish
2009 Fish Off:

As Of: 4/18/09

Jeff Weaver - Jere Jaillite - Dave Bock
Ken Repine - Lee Brannon - John Buck
Don Jahnke - Jim Bailey Sr.

Members Eligible To Vote
2010 Constitution:

As Of: 4/18/09
Dave Bock - Don Jahnke - Jere Jaillite Ken Repine - Jeff Weaver

Hawg Want A Be:

~Know Your Hawgs~
Say hello to Donnie Lewis.
Donnie is sponsored into the club by ole used car guru Buddy Yates....
Ya see what's happening don't ya!! We'll probably have Sandy himself or tha new car manager in here next.
Donnie is used car manager at Sandy Sansing Chevrolet where he has worked for the past eight years. So if you need an ole used clunker, give Donnie a call before next month.....
He'll is goin ta need the votes!!

I don't want to say anything rite now but he did loose my 6 lb lunker at the side of the boat last Sunday...Jim

Welcome Aboard Donnie

Slammer Nominations:

"Slammer Nominations"

Dan Nash

Don Jahnke
"Did You Boyz Enjoy Your Swim"

May Meeting:

Location: Founaris Bros.
May 20, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm

May Tournament:

May 23, 2009

Tournament Site:

Millers Ferry
Ellis Landing

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: May 8th


Sunrise: 5:50 am
Sunset: 7:40 pm

Any questions should be addressed to Jeff Weaver
or Jim Bailey, Sr.