2009 Season

Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 12
Issue: 9

Angler Of The Year
John Buck

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Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson

John Buck
Vice President/Treasure
Jere Jaillite

Jeff Weaver

Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

Asst. Tournament Director
Glenn Kittrell

Message From The President:

One of the unique aspects of our club is that it offers us the opportunity to learn from others about fishing,
not only about "how to" but sometimes "how not to"! I try to take advantage of this every time I fish with the Hawg Hunters, and I hope that the rest of you do also. Do not always look for the obvious because with lure presentation and selection, many times it is the subtle nuances that make all the difference. Many times we do the basics but neglect the small things that make the differences. I have seen many guys casting or pitching lures but still getting no hits because of presentation.
I get hit with the same lures, but the difference may only be that my lure enters with less splash or disturbance because just before the lure hits I lift the rod tip just a bit and it softens the entry. Wish I could do like that every cast! But with a little back yard practice anyone can master it. All you need is a chair and a bucket. Fill the bucket with water and place the chair a short cast away. Stand in the chair and practice casting or pitching the lure in the bucket without splashing too much water. Of course you've got to learn to hit the bucket first! You'll be surprised how much difference that little skill will make in your catch rate plus hitting the bucket will really improve you casting accuracy. Good luck!

Minutes of the Meeting:

The July meeting of the was brought to order at 7:00 P.M. July 15 2009 at
Founaris Brothers Restaurant.
President John Buck presided.There were 24 members and 2 guests Ryan Cole, and Jason Weaver present. Rick Howard was voted in as a new member.
Welcome to the club Rick!
John also reminded the membership that proposed rule changes were due in writing by the August meeting if they were going to be included in the newsletter.
The September meeting would be the time to discuss these proposals and October would be for voting on changes.

Old Business:

The June Meeting minutes were read and accepted. Jere Jaillite also gave a treasurers report.

New Business:

The end of year Awards Banquet has been set for Friday night December 11 at
The Cock of the Walk. Meal time will be at 6:30 P.M. John also reminded everyone that we would be having weigh in at 2;00 p.m. for the July and August tournaments. The 50/50 raffle was won by Jere Jaillite.Tony Boyette will be accepting
T Shirt orders for those interested.
Bill Myrick reported that The Escambia Search and Rescue was having their Fund Drive now for those who wanted to contribute. All Alabama Fishing Licenses expire at the end of August.

A Little Salt:

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July Tournament:

For our July tournament the Hawg Hunter's headed way up the Alabama River to a launch site called Holley Creek. The weather gave us a break and even though it was hot it was no where as miserable as the June tournament. Blast off found 20 fisherman scattering for a patch of water to fish. When weigh-in time came some of the enthusiasm of the morning had gone away as only 11 members brought fish to the scales.
For those who had fish there were only bags of one, two or three. No one had a limit this time. Nine members got to watch the weigh-in with nothing to report
except short fish.

1st Place
John Buck

John brought in 3 good fish for 4.43 lbs. and had to give up fishing early so he could help Frank Dodge get back to the dock with a broke boat...Way to go John

2nd Place
Dave Dyess

Dave took second place with 3 good fish weighing 4.13 pounds. Good job Dave.

3rd Place
Don Jahnke

Don brought in 2 fish to take the third place spot with 3.76 pounds. Don also got the lunker of the day with a 2.88 pounder.

Tournament Standings:

Alabama River
Holly Creek

1st - John Buck - 3 fish - 4.43 lbs
2nd - Dave Dyess - 3 fish - 4.13 lbs
3rd - Don Jahnke - 2 fish - 3.76 lbs
4th - Buddy Yates - 4 fish - 3.60 lbs
5th - Ken Repine - 2 fish - 3.25 lbs
6th - Ron Bridges - 2 fish - 2.31 lbs.
7th - Lee Brannon - 2 fish - 2.17 lbs
8th - Glenn Kittrell - 1 fish - 2.08 lbs
9th - Jere Jaillite - 2 fish - 1.84 lbs
10th -Kevin Simmons - 1 fish - 1.48 lbs
11th - Bill Myrick - 1 fish - .90 lbs

Also fished:

Dave Bock - Tony Boyette - Randy Cole, Mack Cramer - Jeff Weaver - Frank Dodge, Rick Howard - Donnie Lewis
Marc Churchwell

For The Record:

Alabama River
Holly Creek

Total Number Fished Tournament 20
Total Fish Caught 22
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 0
Total Fish Weight 29.96
Big Fish 2.88
(Don Jahnke)

For the Year:

Total Number Fished For Year 160
Total Fish Caught 368

Total Dead Fish 5
Total Limits 25

Total Fish Weight 537.59
Big Fish 6.98
(Jere Jaillite)

Members Eligible To Vote
2010 Constitution:

As Of:7/18/09
Dave Bock - Don Jahnke - Jere Jaillite
Ken Repine - Jeff Weaver - Lee Brannon
John Buck - Jim Bailey Sr - Billy Myrick
Mack Cramer - Bob Hanson - Frank Kelly
Dave Dyess - Buddy Yates - Kevin Simmons
Marc Churchwell

Members Eligible To Fish
2009 Fish Off:

As Of: 7/18/09

Jeff Weaver - Jere Jaillite - Dave Bock
Ken Repine - Lee Brannon - John Buck
Don Jahnke - Jim Bailey Sr. - Billy Myrick
Mack Cramer - Bob Hanson - Frank Kelly
Dave Dyess - Dan Nash - Buddy Yates
Kevin Simmons - Marc Churchwell

2010 Proposed Rule Changes:

Special Note
Please - Please - Please
When submitting your 2010 proposed rule changes, please send a copy of each rule change by email to John Buck, Jeff Weaver, and Jim Bailey.
This will help them in compiling all changes and getting them posted in the newsletter.
Changes will be set up in the newsletter so you can print your own copies for the September vote.

Hawg Hunter Rule Changes

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Updated: 8/15/09

Slammer Nominations:

"Slammer Nominations"

Dan Nash

Don Jahnke
"Did You Boyz Enjoy Your Swim"

August Meeting:

Location: Founaris Bros.
August 19, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm

August Tournament:

August 22, 2009

Tournament Site:

Tensaw River
Hubbards Landing

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: August 5th


Sunrise: 6:19 am
Sunset: 7:23 pm

Tensaw River Tides:

Lower Bryant Landing

Low Tide: 2:05 am
7:11 am
Low Tide:
12:20 pm
HighTide: 6:29 pm

Francis Scott Key
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Any questions should be addressed to
Jeff Weaver

or Jim Bailey, Sr.