2009 Season

Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 12
Issue: 5

Angler Of The Year
John Buck

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Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson

John Buck
Vice President/Treasure
Jere Jaillite

Jeff Weaver

Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

Asst. Tournament Director
Glenn Kittrell

Message From The President:

As the hotter days start to approach us now is a good time to think about skin care. Guys don't think much about it until they have to have pre-cancers or worse burned or cut off. After over 30 years of fishing with and without protection and having numerous spots removed each year, my dermatologist had me take a treatment this winter which basically burned all the skin and pre-cancers off my face. It was not fun but after about 4 weeks my face was much better. Now when you see me instead of the baseball style cap, I will be wearing a wide brim hat and a lot of sun screen. I have lost 2 friends to melanoma and it is not something to take lightly. Guys tend to think "not me". Let me tell you, next time …it may be YOU! Don't fluff off this advice. Wear protective gear. Many shirts and hats are SPF rated. Use them. They work! Also spend the extra dollar to get good sun screen and then use it liberally on the exposed skin. You'll still get a tan but not so much UV light and maybe no skin problems either. If you notice any unusual spots or crusty moles see your doctor and have him/her take a look at it. Learn what to look for and use common sense when in the sun.
Bottom line: "Take care of your skin!!!"

Minutes of the Meeting:

The March meeting of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters was brought to order at 7:00 P.M. March 18, 2009 at
Founaris Brothers Restaurant.
President John Buck presided.
There were 18 members present.

Old Business:

No old buisness.

New Business:

Jim Bailey Sr brought up the subject of Dan Nash's shirt being to small when ordered. He asked that we order two shirts to have on hand when a new member is voted in so he could try one on before the logos are sewed on.
The board said they would make sure a members shirt would be available for him to try on.

March Tournament:

March found the Hawg Hunter's returning to Lake Seminole for the first time in three years. Launching out of the State Park Landing, fourteen intrepid fishermen blasted off in mild but windy conditions. The lake was high and somewhat muddy, but clean water could be found if one were to look hard enough. As the sun continued to rise throughout the morning so did the wind. By early afternoon a number of people had been blow off their primary fishing spots and were looking for sheltered areas. By four o'clock most people were ready to get off the wind blown lake and back on good old terra firma. In fact two members were so anxious to get ashore that they didn't even wait for the boat to reach the dock. It was reported that the water temperature was somewhat cool and rather deep in some spots. Not knowing first hand, I'll have to take Dan and Don's word for it. (Do we have our first two candidates for the Slammer?)
At the scales, one of our new members, Buddy Yates, jumped to the head of the pack with a nice 5 fish limit weighing 12.95 pounds. Bill Myrick was in second with 4 fish weighing 9.65. John Buck was in third with a 5 fish limit weighing 8.26 pounds and Jere Jaillite landed in fourth place with 3 fish weighing 7.39. Jere's bag was anchored by the first day lunker weighing 4.93 pounds just .07 pounds shy of the 5 pounds needed to claim the booray pot.
Saturday night everyone gathered around John Buck's grill for hamburgers and a fish story or two. John once again played chef and as usual did an excellent job. This time we didn't have any burnt beans or exploding French fries, but we did suffer one cut finger by the onion slicer. Guess we are improving, but for my part I'm just glad that he wasn't slicing the tomato's.
Sunday morning was a little cooler but still comfortable. The wind had abated somewhat over night but by mid-morning it was again blowing white caps on the lake. While the water was rough, all fishermen decided to remain in their boats until they were safely back dock side, so we had no reports on water temperature for Sunday.

March Tournament:

Sunday's weigh-in became one for the annals of Hawg Hunter history when "Team Stratos", Jere Jaillite and Ron Bridges, came to the scales using two hands to carry their weigh-in bags. Jere's bag contained 5 fish weighing a whopping 21.84 pounds anchored by the booray lunker of 6.98 pounds.

1st Place
Jere Jaillite

Not to be out done, Ron's bag contained 5 fish weighing a most respectable 18.95 pounds. In total, ten fish weighing 40.79 pounds was brought to the scales in this one boat. While this weight may or may not be a club record for one boat, it is nevertheless a remarkable accomplishment. After all the weighing and figuring was complete Jere Jaillite finished in first place with a total of 29.23 lbs.
Following closely behind was his partner Ron Bridges with 5 fish and 25.40 pounds.

2nd Place
Ron Bridges

Bill Myrick finished in third with 17.93 pounds which included a second day 6.83 pound Hawg.

3rd Place
Billy Myrick

First day leader Buddy Yates added a couple of pounds to his first day total to finish fourth with a total of 14.82 pounds.

4th Place
Buddy Yates

Congratulations to Jere for his tournament and booray win. If someone wants to start another booray pot please be prepared to present it and it's rules to the club at the next meeting.

Tournament Standings:

Lake Seminole
State Park Landing

1st - Jere Jaillite - 8 fish - 29.23 lbs
2nd - Ron Bridges - 8 fish - 25.40 lbs
3rd - Billy Myrick - 6 fish - 17.93 lbs
4th - Buddy Yates - 6 fish - 14.82 lbs
5th - John Buck - 6 fish - 9.67 lbs
6th - Lee Brannon - 5 fish - 7.48 lbs
7th - Dave Bock - 4 fish - 6.86 lbs
8th - Don Janke - 3 fish - 6.01 lbs
9th - Ken Repine - 3 fish - 5.04 lbs
10th - Dan Nash - 3 fish - 3.05 lbs
11th - Mack Cramer - 2 fish - 2.84 lbs
12th - Jeff Weaver - 2 fish - 2.35 lbs

Also Fished:
Frank Dodge - Glenn Kittrell

FLW Tournament Tour:

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Turn On Sound And Then Click On What Tournament You Would Like To Watch.
Click On Lower Right For Full Screen.
Run Time Approximately 44 Minutes Each.

For The Record:

Lake Seminole
State Park Landing

Total Number Fished Tournament 14
Total Fish Caught 56
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 4
Total Fish Weight 130.68
Big Fish 6.98
(Jere Jaillite)

For the Year:

Total Number Fished For Year 84
Total Fish Caught 167

Total Dead Fish 2
Total Limits 9

Total Fish Weight 260.60
Big Fish 6.98
(Jere Jaillite)

Trash Pickup For Year

1.03 lbs

Members Eligible To Fish
2009 Fish Off:

As Of: 3/21/09

Jeff Weaver - Jere Jaillite
Dave Bock - Ken Repine

The Slammer Award:

"Slammer Nominations"

Dan Nash

Don Jahnke
"Did You Boyz Enjoy Your Swim"

April Meeting:

Location: Founaris Bros.
April 15, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm

April Tournament:

April 18-19, 2009

Tournament Site:

Lake Martin
Wind Creek State Park

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: April 9th


Sunrise: 6:18 am
Sunset: 7:17 pm
Sunrise: 6:17 am
Sunset: 7:17 pm

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Any questions should be addressed to Jeff Weaver

or Jim Bailey, Sr.