2009 Season

Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 12
Issue: 11

Angler Of The Year
John Buck

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Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson

John Buck
Vice President/Treasure
Jere Jaillite

Jeff Weaver

Tournament Director
Dave Dyess

Asst. Tournament Director
Glenn Kittrell

Message From The President:

Wow! Getting things organized for the September and October meetings has been a real trip. Going over the proposals many times to just try to understand what some of them are actually saying (including my own!) has kept me busy.
But my job has been the easy one.
We should all give Jim a pat on the back for the work he has done to get them posted, organized, and keeping them updated almost daily. He has done a terrific job and hopefully has made the process much easier for all of us to be well-informed. Please make a special effort to talk with other members before next month's meeting to get opinions and make your personal decisions on what you favor for changes if any. Remember that at the October meeting we will not allow discussion on proposals, only a brief explanation as it is necessary and a vote. No one member or group of members owns this club, it is collectively "OUR" club, every voting member is important, and your opinion/vote counts.

On another note…Jim is always trying to find ways to upgrade and make the Hook1 site better. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along to him. We have a great website thanks to his efforts.
Please email him any suggestions you may have to help make the site even better.

Minutes of the Meeting:

The July meeting of the PHH was brought to order at 6:00 P.M. September 16 2009 at Founaris Brothers Restaurant.
President John Buck presided.
There were 21 members and 1 guest
Butch Gunnels present.
A collection was taken for a donation
to the charity of choice in honor of
Ron Bridges father who passed away.
Our condolences Ron! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Friendly Reminder:

Remember Hawg Hunters!!!
Your 2010 membership dues are due at the October meeting. Any member that hasn't paid his dues by the November meeting will be removed from membership and must re-apply and fish a guest tournament.

Old Business:

The August meeting minutes were read and accepted. Jere Jaillite also gave a treasurers report.

New Business:

Current Nominations For 2010 E-Board:

President - Dave Dyess
Secretary - Jeff Weaver
Treasurer - Kevin Simmons
Tournament Director
Frank Kelly - Billy Myrick
Asst. Tournament - Glenn Kittrell

An E-board nomination list for next year was presented. Other nominations from the floor will be accepted at the
October meeting.

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September Tournament:

The Hawg Hunter's were scheduled to fish our October two day tournament on the Alabama River. The launch site was Swift Creek Landing near Autugaville, Alabama. The weather forecast for the weekend was Rain, Rain and more Rain. The forecast was right everyday. Just not all day every day. At weigh-in time on Saturday most of the fishermen had something to show for their effort and five people had a limit.
A total of 49 fish were brought to the scales. Sunday there were four limits brought in with a total of 41 fish being weighed in.

1st Place
Buddy Yates

Buddy Yates brought in a limit of fish both days for 7.81 lbs Saturday and 9.73 lbs on Sunday. Buddy slamdunked 1st place with a total weight of 17.54 lbs for the weekend. Congratulations Buddy!

2nd Place
Lee Brannon

Lee took 2nd place with only 6 fish for the weekend. His lack of good luck on Saturday was more than made up when he came to the scales with 5 fish limit weighing
14.12 lbs on Sunday.
Lee's total weight was 15.49 lbs.
Lee also tied with Dave Dyess for the Lunker on day two with 4.00 lbs each.

3rd Place
Jeff Weaver

Jeff brought in 5 nice fish to take the 1st place spot on day one but let Buddy and Lee get the better of him on day two when he was only able to drag in two fish.
Total weight was 12.59 for the weekend

4th Place
John Buck

John was one of the only two fishermen to bring in a limit both days. Day one john had 5.94 lbs. and day two he had 6.14.
His total was 12.08 lbs.

Just one quick note!!
As of this writing It looks as if Dan Nash has finally managed to snatch the glory and the number one trophy of less desire from the hands of Don Jahnke for the year.
With only one tournament left I doubt Don can pull off an upset. They were both in hot pursuit of the coveted Slammer Award
until Dan dumped his load of fish in Dave's weigh-in tub Saturday and Dave counted six fish. That gave Dan a DQ for the day along with his points....Don, You need to start watching those eleventh hour come behinds. They'll get you every time.
Here's wishing you better luck next year!!

Slammer Nominations:

"Slammer Nominations"

Dan Nash

"Ole 6 Fish To A Limit Dan"

Don Jahnke
"Did You Boyz Enjoy Your Swim"

Any questions should be addressed to
Jeff Weaver

or Jim Bailey, Sr.

Tournament Standings:

Alabama River
Swift Creek

1st - Buddy Yates - 10 fish - 17.54 lbs
2nd - Lee Brannon - 6 fish - 15.49 lbs
3rd - Jeff Weaver - 7 fish - 12.59 lbs
4th - John Buck - 10 fish - 12.08 lbs
5th - Tony Boyett. - 8 fish - 10.65 lbs
6th - Dave Dyess - 6 fish - 10.38 lbs.
7th - Ken Repine - 6 fish - 10.34 lbs
8th - Jere Jaillite - 7 fish - 8.95 lbs
9th - Dave Bock - 7 fish - 7.79 lbs
10th - Pete Potter - 5 fish - 6.80 lbs
11th - Bill Myrick - 4 fish - 6.51 Lbs
12th - Randy Cole - 5 fish - 6.07 lbs
13th - Frank Dodge - 4 fish - 5.44 lbs
14th - Mack Cramer - 4 fish - 4.56 lbs
15th - Glenn Kittrell - 1 fish - 1.52 lbs

Also fished:
Dan Nash - Don Jahnke

For The Record:

Alabama River
Swift Creek

Total Number Fished Tournament 17
Total Fish Caught 90
Total Dead Fish 7
Total Limits 9
Total Fish Weight 136.71
Big Fish 4.00 (Tie)
(Lee Brannon)
(Dave Dyess)

For the Year:

Total Number Fished For Year 194
Total Fish Caught 491

Total Dead Fish 13
Total Limits 35

Total Fish Weight 723.81
Big Fish 6.98
(Jere Jaillite)

Members Eligible To Vote
2010 Constitution:

As Of:9/19/09
Dave Bock - Don Jahnke - Jere Jaillite
Ken Repine - Jeff Weaver - Lee Brannon
John Buck - Jim Bailey Sr - Billy Myrick
Mack Cramer - Bob Hanson - Frank Kelly
Dave Dyess - Buddy Yates - Kevin Simmons
Ron Bridges - Randy Cole - Frank Dodge
Marc Churchwell - Glenn Kittrell - Dan Nash

Members Eligible To Fish
2009 Fish Off:

As Of: 9/19/09

In order to fish the 2009 fish-off tournament
the following members need to pay the following.
This amount INCLUDES the October tournament
and big fish pot for both days.

Jeff Weaver $35 - Jere Jaillite $30
Dave Bock $35 - Ken Repine $35
Lee Brannon $35 -
John Buck $35
Don Jahnke $35 -
Jim Bailey Sr. $45
Billy Myrick $30 -
Mack Cramer $30
Bob Hanson $45 -
Frank Kelly $55
Dave Dyess $45 -
Dan Nash $55
Buddy Yates $45 -
Kevin Simmons $55
Ron Bridges $55
- Randy Cole $50
Frank Dodge $50 - Marc Churchwell $50
Glenn Kitrell $55 - Tony Boyett $60
For all non eligible fish-off members the October tournament fee will be $30

2010 Proposed Rule Changes:

Hawg Hunter Rule Changes

Click Here
Updated: 9/17/09

October Meeting:

Location: Founaris Bros.
October 21, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm

October Tournament:

October 24-25, 2009

Tournament Site:

Lay Lake
Lower Dam

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: October 4th


Sunrise: 6:57 am
Sunset: 6:09 pm
Sunrise: 6:57 am
Sunset: 6:08 pm